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Student wellbeing toolkit

Every Student, Every School is an initiative providing better learning and support for the 90,000 students with a disability, learning difficulties or behaviour support needs in our public schools through a strong focus on professional learning and support for teachers and support staff.

Every Student, Every School is supported by the Commonwealth Government’s More Support for Students with Disabilities National Partnership, providing almost $48 million in 2012 and 2013 to build the capabilities of schools to meet the educational needs of students with disability. This investment will lever off the $1.18 billion already provided by the NSW Government for students with disability.

Every Student, Every School is structured around a Learning and Support Framework for all NSW public schools. Establishing this framework in every school will provide an important foundation for the delivery of educational services in our schools into the future.

Below are a series of videos that can be used by educators, healthcare professionals and carers to assist with ensuring their students/children are successful. These videos were created in conjunction with Rivendell School